SA Health and local councils are monitoring compliance with the Emergency Management (Public Activities) Direction put in place to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some businesses, sports clubs and religious groups in South Australia may have authorised officers from SA Health or their local council enter their premises to review COVID-19 compliance.

SAPOL supports some compliance activities in regional SA, and those linked to licensed premises, tattoo shops, recreational transport, public assemblies and residential gatherings.

Information for businesses

For more information about COVID-19 compliance monitoring, see the FAQs for businesses (PDF, 208.0 KB).

If your business has been assessed by a local council or SA Health authorised officer as non-compliant under any of the assessment criteria you may have received a card from the authorised officer that conducted the assessment. Please see the information below about how to improve compliance with your obligations under the Public Activities Direction.

COVID-Safe Plan

COVID-Safe Plans are required for all defined public activities and some private activities/functions.

A COVID-Safe Plan must be kept available on-site for inspection by an authorised officer or member of the public at any time that the business or activity is operating.

See more information on creating a COVID-Safe Plan.

Contact tracing

All defined public activities, general retail industry premises and some private activities/functions must use an approved contact tracing system (e.g. COVID SAfe Check-In).

Businesses, venues or events with a COVID Safe Plan will have received a unique QR code. This should be printed and displayed in a prominent location at all entrances of the business. See Tips on displaying your QR code (PDF, 60.4 KB).

Paper check-in forms must also be made available for people who don’t have a smartphone or are otherwise unable to use the COVID SAfe Check-In. See the COVID SAfe Check-In page for paper check-in form templates and more information.

COVID Marshals

A COVID Marshal is required to be present, supervising prescribed operations at all times (except where the site operates for 24hrs, where at all times means times of high patronage).

A COVID Marshal must complete the required training and keep records of the training to provide to an authorised officer on request and take reasonable steps to visually identify as a COVID Marshal.

See more information about COVID Marshals including a list of all requirements.

Social distancing

Maximum capacity requirements are outlined in your COVID-Safe Plan in line with the dimensions of your business or venue and must be adhered to. If you have several different areas in your venue this may include a breakdown of maximum people for each venue room/area. See the COVID-Safe Plan page to enter the dimensions of a room or space, in metres, to find out the area and maximum number of people allowed.

Your COVID Safe Plan also outlines your obligation to have measures in place to maintain and encourage others to maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres separation. This includes:

  • Between groups within each room.
  • At entry and exit points.
  • For larger venues, you will need to have crowd control measures in place, including in relation to queuing.

This does not apply to those who attend as a group, such as members of the same household, family or people who otherwise regularly associate with each other.

For more information, refer to the requirements in your COVID Safe Plan or see the COVID-Safe Plan page.

Reporting COVID compliance issues

If you suspect a business or activity has not complied with the South Australian COVID-19 Directions and would like to report this to SA Health, then please complete an online reporting form.

COVID-19 Business non-compliance reporting form


For further assistance in relation to your business COVID-19 compliance obligations, please contact SA Health by emailing or call the SA COVID Information Line on 1800 253 787.

More information

COVID Compliance monitoring FAQ for businesses (PDF, 208.0 KB)

COVID Compliance factsheet for real estate agents (PDF, 261.0 KB)

COVID Compliance factsheet for food courts (PDF, 260.8 KB)

COVID Compliance factsheet for gyms and fitness facilities (PDF, 269.1 KB)