All travellers wishing to enter South Australia must complete a Cross Border Travel Registration with SA Police.

Some people seeking to enter SA from Victoria require written approval from SA Health before submitting a Cross Border Travel Registration to SA Police.

Who needs approval

Approvals must be granted by SA Health for essential traveller status for:

  • urgent medical, dental or health treatment,
  • compassionate grounds for terminal/critical/end-of-life visits
  • providing health services [as a health care worker]

Compassionate applications to attend a funeral

Applications for travel for funerals on compassionate grounds will only be approved in very exceptional circumstances (in the event of a death of spouse, parent or child).

For people coming from Victoria to attend a funeral in SA, the approval will be granted with conditions including a required full 14 day quarantine period on arrival in SA prior to attending the funeral. This may mean delaying the funeral and quarantine may be required at a medi-hotel at your own expense.

From 24 October 2020, the following essential traveller categories are included in the SA Police Cross Border Travel Registration form and no longer require SA Health approval first:

  • permanent relocations from Victoria to South Australian (including returning SA residents)
  • students
  • passing through SA to reach other states/territories.

Before you begin

  • You will need to provide written evidence to support your application. This can be a letter, email or scanned document from your treating doctor, workplace, funeral home, aged care facility or treating doctor of your immediate family member.
  • For urgent medical, surgical or dental treatment, supporting information from your doctor must be current [within the last two weeks]. You may be required to quarantine in SA for 14 days prior to your procedure or treatment and should check with your doctor and the hospital or health facility.
  • SA Health is prioritising compassionate end-of-life and urgent medical, surgical or dental treatment.
  • Non-urgent applications lodged less than 14 days prior to the planned travel date will not be granted (except in exceptional circumstances, as outlined above)
  • You will be notified of the outcome by email. If approved, you will then need to submit your Cross Border Travel Registration using your SA Health Essential Traveller approval.
  • If you moved to or entered Victoria after 29 July 2020 when the hard border with Victoria was put in place, you will not be able to apply to SA Police relocate or return to SA without an exemption from SA Health.

Further information about how to apply for the exemption will be available in the coming days. If you moved to or entered Victoria after 29 July 2020, have already applied to Health Exemptions and have not yet received a decline or approval, please do not submit another application. You will be contacted in the next 7-14 days.


SA Health Essential Traveller application

Delays to SA Health Essential Traveller approvals

If you have submitted an application for the priority essential traveller categories [compassionate grounds and urgent medical or surgical treatment] and have had no contact at all from SA Health Exemptions after five working days, contact the COVID Information Line on 1800 253 787.

For all other non-urgent categories, please note there is currently a significant delay in responding and SA Health is working to improve turnaround times. Non-urgent applications will be delayed by up to 14 days.

Review of SA Health decision

The Health Exemptions Panel considers applications on a case-by-case basis, and an internal review may be considered independent of the Exemptions Panel.

If you wish to dispute a decision by the SA Health Exemptions team and panel, please reply to Health Exemptions to lodge your request for a review. You can provide additional information to support your request for a review of the decision, including:

  • supporting documentation that was not provided during the initial application,
  • circumstances that have changed since you initial application,
  • other information omitted from your initial application.

This will be review by two senior health officials, independent of the Health Exemptions Panel and you will be notified in writing of the outcome of the review.

If you wish to further dispute the outcome, you can contact the SA Ombudsman.

More information

Essential traveller health exemption fact sheet (PDF, 153.3 KB) - 13 October 2020
Essential traveller health exemption fact sheet (DOCX, 223.0 KB) - 13 October 2020

Essential traveller table (PDF, 111.1 KB) - 20 November 2020

Page last updated: 24 October 2020