Australian and SA Government payments are available for eligible workers affected by COVID-19 outbreaks in South Australia.

You will only be able to receive one payment at any time. Before applying, review the eligibility criteria for both payments carefully to find out which matches your situation.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

The Australian Government Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment may provide up to $750 if you can’t earn an income because you or someone you’re caring for has to self-isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 .

Both Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) (if registered with SA Health) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) results are now accepted for the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment.

For claim periods starting before 17 January 2022, you must have evidence that you were directly informed by a health official to self-isolate or quarantine.

Payment calculations change for claim periods from 18 January 2022.

You must have needed to self-isolate or quarantine because:

  • you have COVID-19
  • you’ve been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19
  • you care for someone who has COVID-19
  • you care for a child, 16 years or under, who’s been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19 (must have been informed by a health official)
  • you care for and reside with someone with a disability or a severe medical condition who’s been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19 (must have been informed by a health official).

You must also meet work and residency criteria, including:

  • you've lost at least 8 hours or a full day's work
  • you’re at least 17 years old and live in South Australia
  • you’re an Australian resident or hold a visa that gives you the right to work in Australia
  • you have no other appropriate paid leave, including pandemic sick leave, personal leave or leave to care for another person
  • you have liquid assets of less than $10,000 on the first day of the period you’re claiming for.

For full eligibility details and information on how to apply, visit the Services Australia website or call 180 22 66.

SA COVID-19 Testing Isolation Payment

A single payment of $300 available for eligible people who need to quarantine while awaiting a COVID-19 test result.

You (or someone you care for) must meet all the following criteria. You must have:

  • undertaken a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) COVID-19 test
  • been required to self-isolate (according to SA Health guidelines) pending the test result

In addition, you must:

  • have been scheduled to work during the period of self-isolation
  • have no access to paid leave or other income support
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a holder of necessary visa and work permits (temporary visa holders and international students)
  • be aged 17 years or over during the period of self-isolation.

To check your eligibility and to apply, complete the Online application form.

If you need assistance, call 8226 2500.

Medi-hotel quarantine financial hardship

If a payment plan is not affordable for your stay in a medi-hotel, you may apply for a financial hardship agreement.

Once an invoice has been received from the South Australian government, travellers can apply for a financial hardship agreement. Evidence must be provided to show it would cause financial hardship to repay the fee in full.

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I have questions about the eligibility requirements – what can I do?

The Online application form starts with a simple checklist to help you confirm whether you are eligible. Alternatively, call 8226 2500.

Is this payment available to people affected before 23 November 2021?

No, this payment is not available for people affected by previous cases. The South Australian Government has provided support to people affected by previous COVID-19 outbreaks.

What information will I need to provide when applying?

  • Personal details (name, date of birth, residential address, email, phone number)
  • If you are applying because you are a carer for someone, personal details of the person you care for (name, date of birth, residential address, email, phone number)
  • Proof of your identity (for example, your passport, driver’s licence, birth certificate, Medicare card, or visa details)
  • Your bank details (BSB and account number)
  • Employment details (employer’s name and contact information)
  • A payslip covering the time you had your COVID-19 test.
  • Evidence from your employer (for example, a letter or email) showing that you were rostered to work during the period of self-isolation or quarantine and were not able to work from home.
  • A copy of the official confirmation that you have taken a COVID-19 PCR test (SMS screenshot, email or letter).

Can I apply for other payments (e.g. Commonwealth schemes)?

You may be eligible for Commonwealth payments. For more information, visit the Services Australia website. You are not eligible for this payment if you receive other income support.

You cannot receive both the SA COVID-19 Testing Isolation Payment and the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment for the same period.

Can I apply if I have been identified as a close contact by SA Health?

Only people who have taken a PCR test and must self-isolate while awaiting the results should apply for this payment. Close contacts may not need to take a PCR test. Visit the SA Health website for information about COVID-19 testing and isolation.

Can I apply if I have taken a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)?

Because there is no wait period for results, RAT results are not accepted for the SA COVID-19 Testing Isolation Payment. You must have taken a PCR test and meet the other criteria to be eligible for this payment.

Do I need to have been scheduled to work for the whole period of my self-isolation?

Provide evidence from your employer about what work you would have had during the period of self-isolation and we will assess your application.

I was not rostered to work but my employer would probably have given me work. Can I apply?

Talk to your employer and ask for evidence stating that you would have worked during the period of self-isolation and we will assess your application. Ask your employer to provide as much information as possible.

What if my employer has implemented their own special paid pandemic leave policies for staff who do not have paid leave entitlements?

Businesses and organisations may choose to implement their own paid leave policies based on the circumstances of their staff. These will not be considered by DHS when assessing someone’s eligibility.

I receive a Centrelink payment, but I also normally work (up to the approved limit). I meet the other criteria and I am missing work. Can I apply?

No. The payment is only for people with no other access to paid leave or income support.

How can I apply?

Apply using the online application form. The application starts with a simple checklist to help confirm whether you are eligible for these payments.

Will I be advised of the outcome of my application?

Yes, all applicants will receive an email explaining the outcome.

Do I have to spend the money on something in particular?

The payment is intended to help reduce the impact of lost income; approved applicants may spend the money as they wish.

How long will it take to receive the payment?

Applications will be assessed as quickly as possible. Once an application is approved, payment will be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly to the nominated bank account. It usually takes 2-4 days from the date of approval to make the payment.

Why will my employer be informed if I receive a payment?

You must provide consent for information about your application to be shared with your employer in order to be eligible for the payment. If you receive the payment, we will advise your employer of the period for which it applies, to ensure they understand that you should not work during that time.

I do not have access to all the required information because I am in quarantine. How can I apply?

Email or call 8226 2500 and we will discuss your application with you.

Will someone contact me to apply for the payment?

No, if you think you are eligible for the payment, apply using the online application form. The application starts with a simple eligibility checklist.

If English is my second language, can someone help me?

If you know someone who can help you complete the application, that is ok. You do need to complete a declaration confirming that you are submitting accurate information and that you agree to the terms of the payment.

If you don’t know someone who can help, you can contact the Interpreting and Translating Centre (ITC) on 1800 280 203.

Can I get support to apply?

If you have questions about the payment or need help to apply, email or phone 8226 2500.

Page last updated: 9 February 2022