The government has revised its Roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions and brought forward dining in all venues from 22 May.

The allowance for restaurants and cafes to open has now been extended to all licensed venues with dining capacity.

Seated dining including alcohol service will be allowed at all licensed establishments from Friday night. However, social distancing, density requirements and maximum patron limits will apply.

Alcohol may also be served as part of a sit down meal.

The maximum number limits of 10 indoors and 10 outdoors apply to patrons only, but a maximum of 20 patrons per venue still applies, even if multiple indoor or outdoor dining areas are available at a given venue. The limit does not apply to customers collecting takeaway.

Dining fact sheet (PDF, 300.2 KB) - 22 May
Dining fact sheet  (DOCX, 318.9 KB) - 22 May

The next changes in restrictions, Step 2 of the Roadmap, are set to take effect from 5 June. More information about this will be available shortly.