The Stay at Home Direction has now been revoked. Restriction changes for a range of activities and for residential aged care facilities.

COVID-19 restriction update

The Emergency Management (COVID-19) (Stay at Home) Direction 2020 has now been revoked.

From today, Emergency Management (Public Activities No 12) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 came into effect. This includes minor changes and restrictions under the previous Direction largely apply.

Changes to the Direction include that gymnasiums, health clubs, fitness centres, yoga, barre and spin facilities, dance and pilates studios, boot camps and other personal training activities (indoors and outdoors) can operate. Retail shopping hours will also be able to return to normal.

More information, including updated frequently asked questions, are available at www.covid-19.sa.gov.au.

Residential Aged Care Direction

Updates have been made to the Residential Aged Care Direction. Under these changes, a prescribed authorised officer can declare a quarantine period at a Residential Aged Care Facility if a single confirmed case of COVID-19 is detected in a resident, staff member of frequent attendee of the facility.

In this instance, residents must not leave the premises unless for urgent medical or dental treatment, to transfer to hospital or another aged care facility, or in order to self-quarantine another pre-approved location.

For more information, including the updated Direction and frequently asked questions, visit www.covid-19.sa.gov.au.

COVID-19 case update

There has been one new case of COVID-19 today. A woman in her 20s who has recently returned from overseas and has been in a medi-hotel since her arrival. She returned a positive result when she became symptomatic at around day 10.

South Australia COVID-19 Update

  • 1 new case today
  • 37 active COVID-19 cases
  • 16,929 tests yesterday
  • 667,592 tests in total
  • 555 confirmed cases in total
  • 514 people have recovered from COVID-19
  • 4 COVID-19 related deaths