From 21 August, further restrictions will apply to people wishing to enter South Australia from Victoria.

With a direction coming into effect on Friday the Essential Traveller category Cross Border Community Member will be suspended from 21 August 2020.

Special dispensation will be given to farmers with properties that span the border, and students completing years 11 and 12.

“This measure has been taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 into South Australia from Victoria,” said State Coordinator, Commissioner Grant Stevens.

“The intent is to protect South Australians as more COVID-19 cases are being detected in the western districts of Victoria, with 16 active cases in the Glenelg Shire."

Cross Border Community Members currently represent more than 1000 border crossings from Victoria to South Australia each day.

If a person currently has the Cross Border Community Members status they can re-apply to be an Essential Traveller if they fit into another category. A seven day transition period will apply to allow new applications to be made.

Persons wishing to enter South Australia from Victoria may re-apply under another category:

  • National and State Security and Governance;
  • Emergency Services (SA Health approved);
  • Freight and Transport;
  • Urgent Medical, Dental, Health (SA Health approved);
  • Compassionate grounds (SA Health approved);
  • Specialist workers in Essential Sectors (includes Primary Industries and Agriculture);

If you do not meet criteria of an Essential Traveller you will no longer be able to enter South Australia from Victoria. South Australians are strongly advised not travel to Victoria.

“Despite strict border controls the likelihood of the disease being introduced into South Australia from Victoria remains very high, we hope limiting cross border travel further will assist in limiting the number of cases in our state.”

This not only applies to Victorian residents coming into South Australia for work, shopping, school etc, but to South Australians who have to travel to Victoria for such activities.

South Australian residents are strongly encouraged to apply and receive approval prior to travel. If a South Australian resident leaves the State and travels to Victoria without an Essential Traveller status, they will not be permitted to return.

Make sure when applying for Essential Traveller Status you have proof and a good description of why you need to cross the border. This will assist police in reviewing your application.

Rules for Cross Border Community Members in New South Wales remain unchanged.

Changes to the Cross Border Travel Direction will come into effect from 00:01 Friday 14 August 2020 with a seven day transition period ending at 00:01 on Friday 21 August 2020.