Saving South Australian jobs and supporting key industries and local businesses survive throughout an unprecedented economic emergency will be the focus of an immediate $650 million Jobs Rescue Package.

Statement from the Premier:

At a time like this, you need your State Government to step up.

And we are - by providing $1 billion in support to South Australian households and businesses.

Today we are adding $650 million to the first support package of $350 million I announced a fortnight ago.

We want as many businesses as possible to be able to continue operating during these unprecedented times so that people can keep their jobs.

We want to relieve as much stress as possible for individuals and families.

We want to keep the South Australian community and economy functioning so that when this virus is beaten, as it will be, we can bounce back as quickly as possible.

The Federal Government is now providing the most significant support, outside of wartime, for the Australian community and economy.

At the State level, we will now do the same.

The key elements of our comprehensive second support package are:

  • Relief from taxes and charges
  • A Business and Jobs Support Fund
  • A Community and Jobs Support Fund
  • Additional support to recipients of JobSeeker payments from Centrelink who also receive a State Government Cost of Living Concession.

As the fight against this virus continues, we will keep under review the need for any further support to households and businesses.

Together, we WILL get through this.

Jobs rescue package (167.3 KB PDF)