COVID Marshals will soon be introduced to ensure businesses are complying with restrictions.

State Coordinator, Commissioner Grant Stevens said the COVID Marshals will help businesses interpret any changes in direction.

“We want to keep our businesses open, but the maintenance of venue capacity, physical distancing and infection control requirements is vital to reduce the community transmission of the disease,” he said.

“Should the disease re-emerge in the community the current low level restrictions leave us vulnerable to significant spread of the disease.

The marshals will be specially trained to ensure venues don’t exceed capacity, physical distancing is maintained and infection control requirements (personal and facility wide) are met.

Marshalls will be required at licensed premises, cafes and food courts, large stores including Supermarkets/retailers/hardware, gyms, freight distribution centres, shopping centres/precincts and places of worship.

Police and SA Health will work with various sectors to introduce the marshals as quickly as possible.

There will also be a change in the number of people allowed at residential premises.

“Unlike public premises (for example hotels and clubs) residential locations are unregulated, and attendees often don’t adhere to physical distancing and density requirements, therefore we need different restrictions.”

The change will allow up to 10 visitors to a residential premises, in addition to those who normally live there, but will be capped at 20 people.

There will be a cap of 100 attendees at private gatherings, both outdoor and indoor, this is consistent with the restrictions on weddings and funerals.

Changes to the Public Activities Direction will come into effect from 00:01 Friday 14 August 2020 with a seven day transition period ending at 00:01 on Friday 21 August 2020.