All suburban Adelaide shops and supermarkets - regardless of their size - will be permitted to continue trading extended hours for at least another month, with a new government exemption to support important physical distancing.

SA Health officials continue to support extended shop trading as an effective way of promoting physical distancing – which has proven necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said the further 30-day exemption would apply from Friday, June 19 to Saturday, July 18 (inclusive) – and allows supermarkets to open two hours earlier from 9am on Sunday and four hours later (until 9pm) on a Saturday and Sunday.

“The public health advice is clear and, that is, by giving shops the freedom to open extended hours if they choose, then that continues to promote important physical distancing which has been a cornerstone of our successful COVID-19 response,” said Mr Lucas.

“While not all shops will take up this option, we are pleased that many local supermarkets – including prominent independent retailers - have jumped at the chance to trade longer hours.

“Ultimately, this is about giving South Australians the ability to safely and conveniently go about their shopping whilst maintaining important physical distancing.”

Mr Lucas said the exemption can only be granted for 30 days, after which time he would make another decision based on updated public health advice.

Extended shop trading is strictly voluntary, and no one can be forced to work the additional hours.