A new platform to create virtual classrooms can now be used by all South Australian public school teachers, as the state government steps up its support of flexible learning in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The service, enabled through the Cisco Webex platform, allows teachers to create their own individual online learning space to deliver live video lessons and learning content for their class.

Use of the platform, which is available to all public school teachers, will complement the Our Learning SA website and hard copy materials that schools are already using to support learning between the classroom and home.

Education Minister John Gardner said the government is supporting our educators at this challenging time to deliver learning for students who are both in the classroom and at home.

“The coronavirus pandemic is throwing up complex challenges, and we hope that introducing platforms like Webex can help to keep learning simple for our students,” he said.

“Virtual classrooms are the next step to giving teachers greater involvement in their students’ days if they are not at school.

“Together with the Our Learning SA website, and hard copy learning materials, virtual classrooms will help ensure that all South Australian students have access to learning from the curriculum.”

For more information on delivering home learning for you child visit the Our Learning SA website.