COVID-Safe Plan

A defined public activity or a private activity with more than 100 people attending must have a COVID-Safe Plan.

COVID Management Plan

An approved COVID Management Plan, approved by SA Health is required in respect of each of the following:

  • Where there are Baseline requirements in place it is a regulated activity if more than 3000 people are reasonably expected to be present at or participating in the activity or, when Level 1, 2 or 3 restrictions are in place, if there is more than 1,000 people reasonably expected to be present
  • the operation of:
    • a nightclub; or
    • relevant licensed premises.

COVID Marshals

COVID Marshals are required across a number of industry sectors to ensure venue capacity, physical distancing and infection control requirements are met.

COVID SAfe Check-in

General retail premises, and businesses that conduct a defined public activity, an activity with more than 100 people attending or passenger transport services must use the COVID SAfe Check-in or other approved contact tracing system.

Defined public activities

A defined public activity means:

  • onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages (whether occurring in an indoor or outdoor area)
  • sport (including sports training), fitness or recreation activities
  • indoor public meetings
  • ceremonies
  • public assemblies
  • provision of personal care services
  • provision of public entertainment
  • provision of recreational transport
  • the operation of a nightclub
  • the operation of relevant licensed premises
  • the operation of a casino or gaming area (within the meaning of the Gaming Machines Act 1992)
  • auctions and inspections of premises for the purpose of sale or rental of any property
  • driver instruction
  • an assembly within the meaning of the Public Assemblies Act 1972
  • the provision of health care, residential care, disability support or aged care services
  • the onsite purchase and consumption of shisha.

Unrestricted Activities

The following locations and activities are generally exempt from many of the requirements of the Public Activities Direction however may be affected by some (for example contact tracing, wearing of masks, and ‘stay at home’ restrictions):

  • airports
  • public transport
  • medical or health services, including hospitals
  • emergency services
  • disability, aged care or residential facilities
  • prisons, correctional facilities or training centres
  • courts or tribunals
  • Parliament or Government House
  • council meetings (although members of the public attending must adhere to maximum occupancy and density requirements)
  • food markets, supermarkets, grocery stores, retail stores, shopping centres, butchers, bakeries, fruit and vegetable stores or fishmongers, that are necessary for the normal business of those premises, including delivery services associated with such stores
  • workplaces, including offices, factories, laboratories, repair or maintenance premises (workshops), mining or construction sites, waste disposal or processing facilities
  • land or vessels used in the production or treatment of primary produce
  • schools, universities, educational institutions and childcare facilities
  • accommodation facilities such as hotels or motels
  • where people are transiting through a place (such as Rundle Mall)
  • any other gathering deemed exempt by the State Coordinator
  • a particular activity determined to be an unrestricted activity, in writing, by an authorised officer.
Page last updated: 19 November 2021