The mySA GOV app COVID SAfe Check-In, to enhance contact tracing and keep our community COVID safe.

If someone in South Australia tests positive to COVID-19, the COVID SAfe Check-In enables SA Health to quickly contact others who may have been exposed to the virus and stop the spread of COVID-19.

For the community

COVID SAfe Check-In is a feature that has been added to the free mySA GOV app.

You can download the mySA GOV app from Google Play or the App Store on your smart phone. In the mySA GOV app, select the COVID SAfe Check-In tile when you arrive at a business, venue or event, and follow the prompts to scan their unique QR code and check in.

You are not required to login or sign up for a mySA GOV account to use the COVID SAfe Check-In. You also do not need to provide a driver’s licence or vehicle registration details to use it.

If you do not have a compatible smart phone, a paper record will be available for you to provide your details.

COVID-SAfe Check-In for individuals: questions (PDF, 152.8 KB)

Vaccination status

You can add your COVID-19 digital certificate to the mySA Gov app. This means you can quickly check in and show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination wherever it’s required.

See Adding proof of COVID-19 vaccination to mySA GOV.

QR codes on Passenger Transport Services

Public transport and point-to-point services, such as taxis and rideshare, also require QR code check-in from each driver and passenger on each service travelled.

Point-to-point vehicles have codes easily displayed for passengers to use upon entry into the vehicle. On public transport, QR codes are being specifically located in areas away from validators and boarding locations to minimise delays in boarding. QR codes will be placed intermittently throughout buses, trains and trams to allow passengers to move through the vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Where you are unable to use a digital check-in, you are encouraged to use a registered MetroCard to assist with contact tracing requirements.

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