The Victorian border will be open from Tuesday, 1 December, subject to public health advice. Travellers from Victoria will not be required to undertake 14 days of quarantine. Restrictions on this page remain in place until this date.

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Travel within SA

Travel within most of South Australia is unrestricted, although people are advised to avoid unnecessary travel.

Some restrictions are currently in place in the APY Lands.

Travelling to SA

Cross Border Travel Registration

Anyone planning travel to SA must complete a Cross Border Travel Registration.

This includes:

  • people entering from states in the Low Community-Transmission Zone (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, TAS and WA)
  • essential travellers entering from Victoria
  • SA residents returning home from any other state other than Victoria, regardless of how long they were interstate.

You should aim to complete the Cross-Border Travel Registration at least 14 days before you leave, regardless of where your travel begins.

Cross-Border Travel Registration


Your Cross Border Travel Registration will be assessed to determine whether you are:

  • able to travel without restriction (including people arriving directly from ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, TAS and WA)
  • an essential traveller, with or without self-quarantine restrictions
  • unable to enter South Australia (Victorian residents who are not essential travellers)

South Australia Police will confirm each registration and assess them to determine a traveller’s status.


You will be notified by email of your status within 72 hours and given a unique number. You will need to produce this number when crossing the border.

You MUST NOT TRAVEL until you have received:

  • a written approval to travel, AND
  • written advice specifying the date of travel and specific quarantine arrangements.

If your application is declined you may receive an email asking for more information, this can include documentation or adding to your description information about why you want to enter South Australia.

Low Community-Transmission Zone states

South Australia's borders are open to travellers from these states:

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia.

These are Low Community-Transmission Zone states.

Travellers from these states are able to enter SA provided they have not been in Victoria for 14 days prior to entering SA.

Travellers from Low Community-Transmission Zone states:

  • are not required to be tested for COVID-19
  • are not required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival into SA.

All travellers from a Low Community-Transmission Zone state must complete a Cross-Border Travel Registration.

If you travel to SA by air, you MUST NOT transit via a Victorian airport.

If you travel to SA by road, you MUST NOT travel through Victoria, except via approved roads. (This means you cannot drive from Tasmania to South Australia; this would require driving through Victoria.)

Entry from NSW via Victoria

Travellers from Low Community-Transmission Zone states who have not otherwise been in Victoria in the previous 14 days may enter South Australia in a vehicle from New South Wales via Victoria if the person travels through Victoria without leaving the vehicle and only via these approved roads:

  • the Sturt Highway from Mildura to Yamba, or
  • the Calder Highway and Meridian Road between Abbotsford Bridge and the Sturt Highway and then via the Sturt Highway to Yamba.

Travel from Victoria

Currently, travellers who may enter South Australia from Victoria include:

  • Students returning to South Australia after studying in Victoria
  • People relocating to South Australia permanently, provided criteria around accommodation can be met
  • People relocating to South Australia for work purposes, provided criteria around accommodation and a contract for employment in SA can be met
  • People passing through South Australia, for example, driving to Western Australia or the Northern Territory, provided they will be allowed entry into that state on arrival.

Like all travellers entering South Australia, they will need to complete a Cross Border travel approval form online via the SAPOL website.

Border communities

A person is eligible for Cross Border Community Member status if they reside within 70 km of the South Australia/Victorian border.

Cross-border community members can travel up to 70 km into SA or VIC, for any reason, from their point of entry into the relevant state. If the person travels more than 70 km into Victoria they will not be permitted to re-enter South Australia.

South Australia and Victoria Border – 70 km (PDF, 546.3 KB)

For those people travelling between SA and Vic travel restrictions now apply for all travellers. The 70-kilometre cross border community member arrangements between Victoria and South Australia are still in place. South Australians will need to display the cross border approval or drivers licence with an address within 70 kms.

For more information check Victorian Border Crossing Permits.

Essential travellers

Certain people may be deemed Essential Travellers based on their need to travel to SA.

The categories of Essential Travellers are listed in the Essential Traveller Schedules 1 and 2 on the Cross Border Travel Direction page.

Different conditions apply to different categories of Essential Travellers. Refer to the Essential traveller table (PDF, 111.1 KB)

All Essential Travellers are still required to complete the Cross Border Travel Registration.

Essential Traveller Health Exemptions

If you wish to enter South Australia as an Essential Traveller, you may need approval from SA Health before submitting your Cross Border Travel Registration. This includes Essential Travellers in categories for urgent medical, surgical or dental treatment; compassionate grounds; and health care workers who are required to undertake work on behalf of SA Health.

To seek this approval , complete the SA Health Essential Traveller Application form. Your Cross Border Travel Registration cannot be processed for these categories until you have written approval from SA Health. A Health Exemptions Committee, led by the Deputy State Controller - Health, meets regularly to consider the applications.

Read more about Essential traveller health exemptions.

If you are entering South Australia from a Low Community-Transmission Zone you are not required to seek approval from SA Health, however, you are still required to complete the Cross Border Travel Registration.

Essential travellers, including those in cross-border communities, must enter SA by one of these roads:

  • Sturt Highway, Yamba
  • Wentworth Road, Renmark
  • Mallee Highway, Pinnaroo
  • Dukes Highway, Wolseley
  • High Street, Frances (which terminates at Minimay—Frances Road, Frances)
  • Wimmera Highway, Laurie Park
  • Edenhope Road, Wrattonbully
  • Casterton Road, Penola
  • Glenelg Highway, Myora
  • Princes Highway, Glenburnie
  • Glenelg River Road, Donovans/Nelson
  • Lindsay Point Road—Lacey Avenue, Murtho
  • Summerton Road—Mulcra Road (becomes Panitya North Road), Pinnaroo
  • Wolseley Road—Serviceton North Road, Wolseley
  • Binnum—Benayeo Road, Binnum
  • Shepherds Road—Kybybolite Road, Kybyolite
  • Langkoop Road—Casterton-Naracoorte Road, Koppamurra
  • Derghom Road—Dorodong Road, Penola
  • Mingbool Road, Pleasant Park
  • Caroline Road, Caroline
  • Dry Creek Road, Caroline

Testing of arrivals

Mandatory COVID-19 testing is in place for certain essential travellers arriving from Victoria. Refer to the Essential traveller table (PDF, 111.1 KB) for details.

A person who is in quarantine and refuses a COVID-19 test must remain in quarantine for an additional 10-day period and includes other persons quarantining with that person.

A person under the age of 16 years who is required to remain quarantined at a place determined by an authorised officer (international or Victorian arrival) is required to submit a COVID-19 test on Day 1 and 12. If the child refuses or fails to submit to a test, the child must remain in quarantine for an additional 10 days (including carer).

Note: A Commercial Transport and Freight Services operator is no longer to required to produce to an authorised officer evidence of a COVID-19 test or test result relating to a test undertaken within the preceding 7 days and is not required or in future.

Self-quarantine requirements

A person can only leave self-quarantine to obtain urgent medical care or medical supplies, to get tested for COVID-19, or for any other emergency situation.

A person must ensure no one else enters or stays at the place you are self-quarantining unless:

  • they usually live there and you need to provide care/support to them, or receive care/support from them, or
  • they are also self-quarantining, or
  • their place of self-quarantine is appropriately set up so you do not have contact with others.

We need to minimise the number of people someone comes in contact with and please be aware that arrangements may need to be made for an individual or other household members to stay elsewhere.

Travelling interstate

If you want to travel from South Australia to another state, check the rules of the state you wish to travel to before you leave. Not all state travel arrangements are reciprocal.

You will need to complete a Cross-Border Travel Registration before you return to SA.

Other government COVID-19 website travel information

The Healthdirect COVID-19 Restriction Checker links to each state's travel restrictions.

Arriving from overseas

All arrivals into Australia are required to quarantine in supervised accommodation for 14 days to ensure compliance.

All international arrivals entering South Australia will be placed in an SA Health approved hotel to complete the mandatory 14 days quarantine.

All overseas arrivals who arrive in South Australia directly from an overseas flight are to reside and remain, quarantined and segregated from other persons, at a place determined by an authorised officer for a 14-day period. When determining the quarantine period, the date of arrival is not to be counted.

Read more about Self isolation and quarantine, including costs, and applying for financial hardship.


If you are directed by a health professional or law enforcement agency to quarantine for 14 days, you must do so.

A $1,000 on-the-spot fine can be issued to anyone breaching self-quarantine requirements.

SA Health and SA Police are working together to monitor people who should be in quarantine and fines may be issued to people who breach these directives.

Arriving from New Zealand

Travellers arriving directly from New Zealand without being in any other overseas location are now permitted to enter South Australia without the requirement of a 14 day quarantine period, providing they have not entered Victoria or any overseas jurisdiction (other than New Zealand) within the last 14 days.

Any person wishing to enter South Australia will be required to complete the Cross Border Travel Registration on the SAPOL website.

Travelling overseas

All overseas travel is currently prohibited.

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Page last updated: 24 November 2020