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Border restrictions

Entering SA from interstate

Travelling interstate from SA

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Travelling overseas


Travel within SA

Travel within South Australia is unrestricted. People are free to visit regional areas, and travel within South Australia is a great way to support our regional communities and economies.

Border restrictions


From 12:01 am Wednesday 29 July, only essential travellers are able to enter SA from Victoria. South Australians are no longer able to return to SA from Victoria.

Travellers from Victoria, other than Essential Travellers, are not permitted to travel to South Australia. Checkpoints or road blocks will be set up at all border crossings between South Australia and Victoria.

Travellers must enter South Australia by one of these roads:

  • Sturt Highway, Yamba
  • Wentworth Road, Renmark
  • Mallee Highway, Pinnaroo
  • Dukes Highway, Wolseley
  • High Street, Frances (which terminates at Minimay—Frances Road, Frances)
  • Wimmera Highway, Laurie Park
  • Edenhope Road, Wrattonbully
  • Casterton Road, Penola
  • Glenelg Highway, Myora
  • Princes Highway, Glenburnie
  • Glenelg River Road, Donovans/Nelson
  • Lindsay Point Road—Lacey Avenue, Murtho
  • Summerton Road—Mulcra Road (becomes Panitya North Road), Pinnaroo
  • Wolseley Road—Serviceton North Road, Wolseley
  • Binnum—Benayeo Road, Binnum
  • Shepherds Road—Kybybolite Road, Kybyolite
  • Langkoop Road—Casterton-Naracoorte Road, Koppamurra
  • Derghom Road—Dorodong Road, Penola
  • Mingbool Road, Pleasant Park
  • Caroline Road, Caroline
  • Dry Creek Road, Caroline

Cross-border communities

Essential travellers living in cross border communities can still enter South Australia.

If you are entering from NSW you cannot travel further than 50 kilometres (PDF, 688.5 KB) over the border into South Australia.

If you are entering from VIC you cannot travel further than 40 kilometres (PDF, 553.6 KB) over the border into South Australia.

All other states

Travellers from NT, QLD, TAS and WA are able to enter South Australia directly without restriction.

Travellers from ACT and NSW, other than essential travellers, will be required to:

  • self-quarantine for 14 days after entering SA
  • submit for COVID-19 testing on:
    • the first day of entry to SA (the day of arrival)
    • the twelfth day of arrival.

Entering SA from interstate

Before you travel

A pre-approval process is now in place for travellers wishing to enter South Australia. The Cross Border Travel Registration should speed up the border crossing process and provide certainty for people who want to enter SA.


If you are planning travel to South Australia, aim to complete the Cross Border Travel Registration at least three days before you leave, regardless of where your travel begins.

All travellers intending to enter SA should register for pre-approval. This includes:

  • people entering from unrestricted states (NT, QLD, TAS and WA)
  • people entering from permissible states (ACT and NSW), including those applying for essential traveller status
  • essential travellers entering from Victoria
  • SA residents returning home from any other state other than Victoria, regardless of how long they were interstate.

Provide details in the short description of why you are travelling. If you are an essential skills worker, transport, or entering for compassionate grounds, include a summary of:

  • who you work for, or the business or person you are visiting
  • why you are entering the state
  • how long you will be in the state and whether you will return often.

If you want to apply for an Essential Traveller status then you will need a letter confirming why you are seeking this status, it could be from your employer or a funeral home for example.

If you are unable to complete registration before you leave, proceed to the border and you will be assisted by police and given an ‘interim status’ while your registration is assessed.


Your registration will be assessed to determine whether you are:

  • able to travel without restriction (including people arriving directly from NT, QLD, TAS and WA)
  • required to self-quarantine on arrival for 14 days and submit for testing (including people arriving directly from ACT or NSW)
  • an essential traveller, with or without self-quarantine restrictions
  • unable to enter South Australia (Victorian residents who are not essential travellers)

South Australia Police (SAPOL) will confirm each registration and assess them to determine a traveller’s status.


You will be notified by email of your status within 72 hours and given a unique number. You will need to produce this number when crossing the border.

If your application is declined you may receive an email asking for more information, this can include documentation or adding to your description information about why you want to enter South Australia.

Complete your Cross Border Travel Registration on the SAPOL website.

Arriving in SA

There are checkpoints at roads leading into SA from other states, and at Adelaide airport. You will need to produce your pre-approval number at one of these checkpoints. Your arrival will then be recorded by police.

Video - Online pre-approval form instructions

Self-quarantine requirements

You can only leave self-quarantine to obtain urgent medical care or medical supplies, to get tested for COVID-19, or for any other emergency situation.

You must ensure no one else enters or stays at the place you are self-quarantining unless:

  • they usually live there and you need to provide care/support to them, or receive care/support from them, or
  • they are also self-quarantining, or
  • your place of self-quarantine is appropriately set up so you do not have contact with others.

Because we need to minimise the number of people you are in contact with, you may need to make arrangements for yourself or other household members to stay somewhere else.

Testing of arrivals

If you enter South Australia as a non-essential traveller from the ACT, NSW, you will be required to take a COVID-19 test:

  • on your first day in SA (the day you arrive)
  • again, on your twelfth day in SA.

This applies to anyone who has arrived in SA on or after Wednesday, 8 July. It is mandatory for anyone 16 years or over, and strongly recommended for children under 16.

Travelling interstate from SA

Not all border-crossing arrangements are reciprocal. People leaving South Australia should research restrictions in other states before planning any interstate travel.

The Healthdirect Australia Restriction Checker has advice on what restrictions are in place in each state and territory across Australia.

Arriving from overseas

All new arrivals into Australia are being quarantined in their port of arrival in supervised accommodation for 14 days to ensure compliance.

A person is deemed to have arrived when they leave the airport or disembark from their vessel. This means passengers whose final destination is not South Australia may complete their journeys without being subject to quarantine in South Australia.

All international arrivals will be placed in hotel quarantine when they enter SA.

Quarantine cost recovery

From Saturday 18 July, quarantine fees will apply for Australian citizens and residents arriving in South Australia from overseas.

The following fees will apply:

  • one adult: $3,000
  • additional adults: $1,000 each
  • additional children: $500 each
  • child under 3: no additional cost.

The hotel quarantine fee is a fixed cost which includes meals and hotel room costs.

Travellers will be invoiced a fixed fee at the end of their stay and given 30 days to pay.

If you purchased your ticket before 12:00 pm ACST on 13 July 2020, these fees will not apply.

Financial hardship

Australian citizens and permanent residents may apply for a fee waiver. Payment plans are also available. For more details:

Frequently asked questions - quarantine and cost recovery (PDF, 229.4 KB)
Frequently asked questions - quarantine and cost recovery (DOCX, 572.4 KB)


If you are directed by a health professional or law enforcement agency to quarantine for 14 days, you must do so.

A $1,000 on-the-spot fine can be issued to anyone breaching self-quarantine requirements.

SA Health and SA Police are working together to monitor people who should be in quarantine and fines may be issued to people who breach these directives.

Travelling overseas

All overseas travel is currently prohibited.

More information

Cross-border travel direction

Overseas travel self-quarantine direction

Frequently asked questions Cross border Travel Direction (PDF, 593.0 KB) - 31 July 2020
Frequently asked questions Cross border Travel Direction (DOCX, 624.3 KB) - 31 July 2020

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