Airport check-in

All air travellers should download the mySA GOV app from Google Play or the App Store prior to travel to South Australia and are required to use the COVID Safe Check-In to scan a QR code specific to the Adelaide Airport immediately after their arrival.

For travellers who do not have a smartphone, they must provide their relevant contact details to a person authorised or required to collect such contact details.

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Travel within SA

Travel within most of South Australia is unrestricted.

Some restrictions are currently in place in Aboriginal communities.

Travelling to SA

Completing the cross border travel registration form

All travellers must complete the Cross Border Travel Registration prior to their travel to South Australia.

If you are planning travel to SA, aim to complete the Cross-Border Travel Registration form at least 7 days before you leave, regardless of where your travel begins. If you are applying for essential traveller categories (when relevant), please attach relevant documents to assist with assessment and determination.

Levels system

A new graduated system for travellers entering South Australia has been developed. The Direction introduces six levels of requirements, restrictions or prohibitions, appropriate to the levels of risks associated with locations for people arriving in the State or have recently arrived in the State.

The Associated Direction specifies the different requirements applying to defined classes of arrivals (including overseas arrivals, essential travellers and permitted arrivals) and specifies places as restricted or prohibited zones.

The Associated Direction reflects the changes to restrictions imposed on travellers from different locations but should be read in conjunction with the General Direction. Each level provides requirements for a traveller dependent on risks associated with COVID 19 transmission in identified jurisdictions, as set out in the Entry requirements chart (PDF, 86.5 KB).

Travel from Queensland

From 2:30 pm 3 April 2021

People from the Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay and Redlands areas including returning South Australian Residents / Genuine relocations / Domestic Violence victims) or an Essential Travellers are now subject to level 3 restrictions. Travellers must:

  • submit to COVID-19 testing on day 1, 5 and 13.
  • must comply with the self-quarantine requirements until they get a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • not enter or remain in a high risk setting in South Australia for a period of 14 days after their arrival in South Australia or until they get a negative COVID-19 test result unless the person is permitted to enter under Clause 9 in the Emergency Management (Cross Border Travel—General) (COVID-19) Direction 2021.
  • not attend any event in South Australia with an approved COVID -19 Management Plan or at which more than 1000 people are present for a period of 14 days after their arrival in South Australia.

Travellers from Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay and Redlands, or overseas. See Entry requirements (PDF, 176.7 KB) for travellers from affected areas.

From of 12:01 am, Monday 12 April 2021

Travellers may enter South Australia from the whole of Queensland without restrictions (previously, those from City of Brisbane, Logan City, City of Ipswich, Moreton Bay Region and Redland City had been subject to Level 3 restrictions).

Note: All travellers must complete the Cross Border Travel Registration prior to their travel to South Australia. Travellers must complete a separate Cross Border Travel Registration for each person in the travelling party including all children.  People will experience delays on arrival if they have not completed an application for each person.

Travel from New South Wales

From 9 April 2021, travellers may enter South Australia from the whole of New South Wales without restrictions.

Travellers who entered SA from Byron Shire Council before this date may still be subject to restrictions. See the SA Health Contact tracing page for health alert information.

Health alerts

Health alerts may be in effect for specific exposure sites.

The Contact tracing page on the SA Health website provides information on:

  • current health alerts associated with specific exposure sites
  • what to do if you were present at one of these locations at the specified date and time.

Travelling interstate

If you want to travel from South Australia to another state, check the rules of the state you wish to travel to before you leave. Not all state travel arrangements are reciprocal.

Other government COVID-19 website travel information

The Healthdirect COVID-19 Restriction Checker links to each state's travel restrictions.

Arriving from overseas

From New Zealand

Arrivals from New Zealand may enter South Australia without the need to complete quarantine or submit to COVID-19 testing. This is provided they have not been in an area outside the Low Community-Transmission Zone in the 14 days before their arrival.

From all other countries

All overseas arrivals into Australia (other than those from New Zealand) are required to complete mandatory quarantine in an place determined by SA Health. In the first instance this is likely to be an approved medi-hotel for 14 full days and nights. The date of arrival and check-in to the medi-hotel is counted as day 0.

Read more about International arrivals, including quarantine fees, applying for financial hardship and testing requirements.

Testing of arrivals

A person who is in quarantine and refuses a COVID-19 test must remain in quarantine for an additional 10 day period and includes other persons quarantining with that person.

A person under the age of 16 years who is required to remain quarantined at a place determined by an authorised officer (international arrival) is required to submit a COVID-19 test on Day 1, Day 5 and 12. If the child refuses or fails to submit to a test, the child must remain in quarantine for an additional 10 days (including carer).

A person must not make a statement on an application or upon arrival that is false or misleading, or refuse or fail to answer questions asked by an authorised officer or a person responsible for assisting in the administration of cross border travel.

Any person wishing to enter South Australia from overseas will be required to complete the Cross Border Travel Registration on the SAPOL website.


If you are directed by a health professional or law enforcement agency to quarantine for 14 days, you must do so.

A $1,000 on-the-spot fine can be issued to anyone breaching self-quarantine requirements.

SA Health and SA Police are working together to monitor people who should be in quarantine and fines may be issued to people who breach these directives.

Travelling overseas

All overseas travel is currently prohibited.

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Self isolation and quarantine

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Page last updated: 9 April 2021