This privacy statement outlines the HealthCheck SA app (HCSA) policies regarding privacy and security of information collected through this application. This privacy statement applies only to the HealthCheck SA app.

Why we collect your information

The HCSA app will collect and use limited personal information to support the Government of South Australia to confirm that you are complying with directions under the Emergency Management Act 2004. This includes ensuring you are quarantining in a place determined by SA Health and for conducting contact tracing in the event a person tests positive to COVID-19.

How we manage your information

The information collected via the app (for example when onboarding or reporting symptoms) is encrypted immediately upon submission then transferred and stored on a secure server within Australia under control of the Government of South Australia.

The information is used solely by the Government of South Australia for compliance with directions under the Emergency Management Act 2004 as amended from time to time and/or contact tracing activities. The information will be destroyed at the conclusion of COVID-19 pandemic unless required for enforcement purposes for any alleged breach of a direction by you under the Emergency Management Act 2004. If used for these purposes the information will only be retained as long as necessary.

This mobile application is operated in compliance with the Government of South Australia's Information Privacy Principles (IPPs), a copy of which can be obtained on the Department of the Premier and Cabinet website. How we collect and handle your personal information is subject to the South Australian government’s IPPs.

We will take reasonable security measures to protect personal information from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure or other misuse.

We will ensure personal information is stored securely, not kept longer than necessary, and disposed of appropriately. Strong data encryption mechanisms are also used to protect your personal information during data transmission and when your data is stored.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to a third party except in accordance with the IPPs and if authorised or required to be disclosed by or under law. HCSA app administrators are required to protect and handle your personal information in accordance with the IPPs.

What we collect and how we use it

If you download and use the HCSA app, we will collect personal information in relation to your HealthCheck SA home quarantine, COVID-19 testing or symptom check schedules. We do this to verify your identity, and to allow you the opportunity to participate in HealthCheck SA home quarantine, COVID-19 testing or symptom checking schedules. We are bound by strict laws that protect your privacy.

The HCSA app collects and uses the minimum amount of personally identifiable information to enable the HealthCheck SA processes. If you are in home quarantine, this will include personal information, geolocation data, and use of the device's camera to verify your face and liveness.

The HCSA app requires access to device information to ensure that your device is not jailbroken or a user has obtained privileged control of the device. Any information retrieved in this process will not be stored or disclosed to any third parties.

When this privacy statement doesn’t apply

The HCSA app contains links to a number of other websites (“sites”) that are included on the basis of containing content relevant to the user. When a user opens a link to another external website, they leave the HCSA app and this privacy statement no longer applies. Linked Government of South Australia sites are similarly governed by a separate Privacy Policies which may be obtained on their specific websites such as SA.GOV.AU or SA Health.

Updates to this statement

The content of this Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time, so we suggest that if you return to this site on a regular basis you carefully read the information provided.

Making a complaint

If you have a complaint about how the HCSA app uses your personal information, please contact our privacy officer on A complaint may also be made to the Privacy Committee of South Australia.

Version 2.0

Version updated 26 Nov 2021